Tooling for the woodworking industry


The all new Tooltec Click N Carve machine is a desktop CNC engraving machine that can engrave in to wood, ABS, foam, modelling wax, styrenefoam, epoxy tooling and much more.

It is ideal for the commercial, professional, enthusiast and educational sectors. It has virtually limitless applications and has easy to use software which allows complete novices to create carvings from simple pictures in minutes.

The flexible edit software allows the modification of pictures to create the ultimate in high quality images in almost any material.

For the advanced, commercial or enthuiast additional software can be purchased and used to create true 3D solid models with amazing replication and accuracy.


Model BE3030
Table Size X 450 x Y 440mm
Table Load Weight Max 3kgs
Engraving Area X 300 x Y 300 x Z 100mm
Max Engraving Speed 40~2500mm/min
Engraving Material Wood, ABS, acrylic, foam, styrenefoam. modelling wax, epoxy tooling board etc 
Max Material Thickness 100mm
Resolution 0.05mm
Spindle Motor 150w DC Brushless Motor
Spindle Speed 0~17,000 RPM
Tool Diameter 4mm
Interface USB 2.0
Power Supply

Input: 100~120V 50/60Hz     Input: 200~240V 60/60Hz

Output: DC 24V 4.5A           Output: DC 24V 4.5A

Power Consumption 3.0A                                     2.0A
Operating Noise Level

Stand By 39.6 Db(A)

NO - loading operation less than 66 dB(A)

Machine Size 540 x 530 x 530mm
Net Weight 32.50kgs
Operating Environment Temperatures 5~40°C


Starter Package

Upon purchasing the Click N Carve machine you will also receive a starter package which includes the following:

1 x Instruction manual

1 x Power cord

1 x USB cable

1 x Controller

1 x Allen key plus 4 spare socket screws

2 x tungsten carbide tools [4050A020 and 4050C150]

4 x Clamp set – 2 x small and 2 x big

1 x Support board

1 x Thin paper for starting point set up

1 x Silicone mat

1 x Engraving material

1 x Software installation disc