Tooling for the woodworking industry

Aspire 3D

3D Modelling Tools

  • Build 3D relief from vectors – add, merge, subtract
  • Import 3D models / mesh files and components
  • Interactive sculpting and blending + pressure sensitive control
  • Extrude – 2 rail sweep
  • Convert 2D image to a 3D model
  • Interactive 3D component tilt and fade
  • 3D model smoothing with interactive control
  • Independent 3D component colour / material properties
  • Export 3D model as STL mesh
  • Automatic 3D model slicing
  • Save 3D model as 2D image file – bmp, jpg, gif

Design and Drawing Tools

  • True shape nesting with multiple sheets
  • Import filters – DXF, EPS, AI, PDF Vector files
  • Import AutoCAD 2D DWG files
  • Export – DXF, EPS, AI
  • Layer management – visibility, locked, colour
  • Rulers and guide lines, snap grid and snap options
  • Interactive scissor trimming tool
  • Interactive snapping options
  • Offset vectors – open / closed and sharp or rounded corners
  • Image tracing / vectorization – JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF
  • Draw standard shapes – circles, rectangles, stars, polygons, polylines
  • Text with TTF fonts to specified height – single line engraving fonts, interactive letter / line kerning, arc text interactively, fit text too curve, auto-fit text to selection, convert text to curves
  • Weld, merge, subtract vectors
  • Scale, mirror, rotate & array block copy and paste
  • Copy shapes along vectors
  • Fillet corners and T-Bone and Dog-Bone fillets
  • Curve smoothing / node reduction / arc fitting
  • Node editing – Interactive move, smooth, delete
  • Auto & manual join open shapes
  • Auto select duplicate / open vectors
  • Measuring tools – distance, angle
  • Align vectors to model or other shapes
  • Import Cut3D, PhotoVCarve & VA3D machinists files

Toolpath Functionality

  • 3D rough machining – multiple Z level and 3D raster
  • 3D Finish machining – complete model or selective regions, raster or offset strategy
  • 3D VCarving with single and multiple cutters – flat bottom VCarving, project onto 3D model
  • Engraving with 3D corner detail moves – project onto 3D model
  • Automatic cutter diameter / shape compensation
  • Raised prism machining toolpaths
  • Profile machining – outside, inside on, profile left / right open vectors, tabs for holding job in place, 3D tabs for smoother cutting, lead in / out, advanced ramping options, sharp internal / external corners
  • Auto-inlay toolpaths with multiple option types
  • Project profile toolpath onto 3D model
  • Pocket machining with simple ramp entry
  • 2 tool pocket machining with advanced ramping options
  • Fluting toolpaths with ramp options
  • Project pocket toolpath onto 3D model
  • Drilling with peck cycle option – project drilling depth onto 3D model
  • Production plate / merge text layout
  • 3D texturing toolpath – project texture toolpath
  • Quick engrave – diamond drag marking, outline and fill patterns
  • Multi-colour 3D toolpath preview
  • Toolpath 3D preview with material and fill colour
  • 2D wireframe toolpath preview with cutter direction
  • 2D solid colour toolpath preview
  • Tool database – user definable
  • Form cutters – user definable cutter shapes
  • Estimate machining times
  • Auto-recalculate all toolpaths
  • Standard postprocessors for most CNC machines – auto tool change support, wrapped rotary axis output, configurable postprocessor

Cut3D can also be used with Cut2D or VCarve Pro, to combine the 3D with 2D or 2.5D toolpaths.
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