Tooling for the woodworking industry



Design and Drawing Tools

  • Import filters – DXF, EPS, AI, PDF Vector files
  • Export – DXF, EPS, AI
  • Draw standard shapes – circles and rectangles
  • Text with TTF fonts to specified height
  • Convert text to curves
  • Node editing – Interactive move, smooth, delete
  • Auto & manual join open shapes
  • Auto select duplicate / open vectors
  • Measuring tools – distance, angle
  • Import Cut3D, PhotoVCarve & VA3D machinists files

Toolpath Functionality

  • Automatic cutter diameter / shape compensation
  • Profile machining – outside, inside on
  • Tabs for holding job in place
  • Pocket machining with simple ramp entry
  • Drilling with peck cycle option
  • Toolpath 3D preview with material and fill colour
  • 2D wireframe toolpath preview with cutter direction
  • Tool database – user definable
  • Standard postprocessors for most CNC machines
  • Configurable postprocessor


To see what Cut2D is capable of you can download the trial version from this link