Tooling for the woodworking industry

VCarve Pro

VCarve Pro Highlights

  • True shape nesting with multiple sheets
  • Import filters – DXF, EPS, AI, PDF Vector files
  • Import AutoCAD 2D DWG files
  • Export – DXF, EPS, AI
  • Layer management – visibility, locked, colour
  • Rulers and guide lines, snap grid and snap options
  • Interactive scissor trimming tool
  • Interactive snapping options
  • Offset vectors – open / closed and sharp or rounded corners
  • Image tracing / vectorization – JPG, BMP, TIF, GIF
  • Draw standard shapes – circles, rectangles, stars, polygons, polylines
  • Text with TTF fonts to specified height – single line engraving fonts, interactive letter / line kerning, arc text interactively, fit text too curve, auto-fit text to selection, convert text to curves
  • Weld, merge, subtract vectors
  • Scale, mirror, rotate & array block copy and paste
  • Copy shapes along vectors
  • Fillet corners and T-Bone and Dog-Bone fillets
  • Curve smoothing / node reduction / arc fitting
  • Node editing – Interactive move, smooth, delete
  • Auto & manual join open shapes
  • Auto select duplicate / open vectors
  • Measuring tools – distance, angle
  • Align vectors to model or other shapes
  • Import Cut3D, PhotoVCarve & VA3D machinists files

These are just a few of the options available within the software, we would recommend downloading the trial version of the software to see just how powerful and intuitive the software is. You can access the trial software from this link: